Hire with Confidence

We understand how difficult it can be to find the right candidate with the necessary skills needed to complete the job effectively and efficiently. When you’re filling a job vacancy, it’s easy to wonder if a more impressive candidate might come along. Maybe you’ve hired in the past only to find out that your new employee’s attitude just isn’t a culture or personality fit. With Kaztronix’s contract-to-FTE services, the pressure is off.

We source and screen your new hires and deploy them as contract employees with a set schedule for status conversion. This puts them confidently on the road to direct employment, and you have peace of mind while testing the waters. We are confident in the candidates we source in order to find you top-notch talent, and with the contract-to-direct option, you immediately benefit from the reduction of administrative burdens and training costs your company may otherwise incur. From onboarding, background checks, payroll and benefits to regular quality assurance calls to your temp, we make it easy for you to prioritize production and minimize overhead as a result, maximizing your workforce potential.

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